Asthma Inhaler Song

🎶 DO YOU FEEL CONFIDENT USING INHALERS AND SPACERS?🎶 It is really important to know how to take your inhalers, in order to make sure the medication gets into as much of your airway as possible. The spacer (brand name AeroChamber) helps us make sure of this! For children and adults alike, it has been shown to be effective for this purpose. Note: For children over 5 years of age and adults, there is a mouthpiece, instead of a mask. For this you want to make sure your child’s mouth makes a good seal around the mouthpiece, and the steps are the same otherwise. If they are old enough, the best position to be in is upright to make sure the lungs are as inflated as much as they can be. The mask should fit over the nose and mouth perfectly to make a good seal. Note: the mask in the video is too big for the bear – masks should cover nose and mouth and there are different sizes for different age groups. I will upload a video about this, demonstrating the different spacer sizes and inhalers. Your child will have an Asthma Action Plan, which would tell you how many times to repeat the steps in the song. For 2 puffs, for example, you would do all the steps 2 times. 🎶 Here are the lyrics so you can sing along (Sung to the tune of “Frère Jacques”): • Shake your puffer, at least 5 times • Stick it on, to the end, of the asthma spacer • Put it on your face and cover your nose and mouth • Release the medicine • Take deep breaths now, in and out, and watch the valve move up and down • You should take 6 deep breaths OR • Breathe in and out for 10-15seconds • Then rinse your mouth • Follow your Asthma Action Plan We hope this helps learn and remember the steps and even provides a bit of entertainment!