5 ways to protect your newborn from illness

  1. Hand-washing! Here is a link to a video of the steps involved in handwashing in song form! https://youtu.be/GAP8HZdV5Qo
  2. Avoid having visitors or visiting others who are unwell.
  3. Vaccinations:
    1. It would be wise to ensure visitors are also fully up to date on their vaccinations. Here’s a reason why: the reason we get immunized against perstussis (whooping cough) is so that we can protect babies (that is, prevent them from getting it). Pertussis can make babies very unwell.
    2. Flu shot! Ensure all eligible family members are vaccinated with the flu vaccine every year. Babies under 6 months cannot be vaccinated, so they rely on those who surround them being protected (this is called cocooning). Breastfeeding once you have had the flu shot can also transfer immunity. Pregnant women should also get the flu shot during their pregnancy to confer immunity.
  4. Tetanus, Diphtheria and Pertussis Booster: Pregnant women should get the booster during their pregnancy.
  5. Anyone who has cold sores should not kiss the baby. Cold sores occur due to a virus that has the potential to cause severe disease in babies.