WHO Growth Charts- Boys and Girls

Ages 2-20 (Start using a stadiometer for height. Assess weight, height and BMI):


  1. Weight and Height: 2-19-weight-and-height-boys
  2. BMI: bmi-boys-2-20


  1. Weight and Height:girls-2-19-height-and-weight
  2. BMI: girls-bmi-2-19


Birth to 24 months (weight, length, HC, weight for length):


  1. Weight and Length boys-0-24-months
  2. HC and Weight for Length boys 0-24m HC and Wt for Lt


  1. Weight and Length: girls-0-24months-weight-and-length
  2. HC and Weight for Length: girls-0-24m-hc-and-weight-for-length


  • Overweight: 85-95th percentile
  • Obesity: >97th percentile of weight for height or >95th percentile for BMI
  • Underweight: <3rd weight for length, <90th IBW, <5th BMI for age
  • Stunting: <3rd length/height for age
  • HC: <3rd ( 2SD below) or >97th (2SD above)

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